James Maravelias, President of the Delaware State AFL-CIO and Delaware Building Trades, stated, “We are pleased to announce this final round of endorsements for the 2020 election season. These candidates will stand and fight for middle-class and working class families.”
This list is based on filed, interviewed and commitment to Labor issues and our values. This list is subject to updates.

The endorsed candidates are:

Building Trades Council Endorsed Candidates for 2020


President                                            Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

United State Senate                           Sen. Chris Coons

U.S. House of Representatives          Rep. Lisa Blunt-Rochester

Governor                                            Gov. John Carney

Lt. Gov.                                               Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long

Ins. Commissioner                              Trinidad Navarro

State Senate

District 1                                             Sarah McBride

District 5                                             Sen. Catherine Cloutier

District 7                                             Spiros Mantzavinos

District 8                                             Sen. Dave Sokola

District 9                                             Sen. Jack Walsh

District 12                                           Sen. Nicole Poore

District 13                                           Sen. David McBride

District 14                                           Sen. Bruce Ennis

District 15                                           Jaci Hugg

House of Representatives

District 1                                             Rep. Nnamdi Chukwocha

District 2                                             Rep. Stephanie T. Bolden

District 3                                             Rep. Sherry Dorsey Walker

District 4                                             Rep. Gerald Brady

District 5                                             Rep. Kenda Johnson

District 6                                             Rep. Debra Heffernan

District 7                                             Rep. Ray Seigfried

District 9                                             Debbie Harrington

District 10                                           Rep. Sean Matthews

District 12                                           Rep. Krista Griffith

District 13                                           Rep. Larry Mitchell

District 14                                           Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf

District 15                                           Rep. Val Longhurst

District 16                                           Rep. Franklin Cooke

District 17                                           Rep. Melissa Minor Brown

District 18                                           Rep. David Bentz

District 19                                           Rep. Kim Williams

District 20                                           Rep. Steve Smyk

District 21                                           Rep. Michael Ramone

District 23                                           Rep. Paul Baumbach

District 24                                           Rep. Ed Osienski

District 25                                           Rep. John Kowalko

District 26                                           Rep. John Viola

District 27                                           Rep. Earl Jaques

District 28                                           Rep. Bill Carson

District 29                                           Rep. Bill Bush

District 31                                           Rep. Sean Lynn

District 33                                           Rachael King

District 36                                           Greg Fuller

New Castle County

Clerk of the Peace                               Ken Boulden

NCC President                                     Ciro Poppiti

NCC Executive                                     Maggie Jones

Council District 7                                 George Smiley

Council District 9                                 Tim Sheldon

Council District 11                               Dave Tackett

Council District 12                               Bill Bell

Kent County

Levy Court                                           Joanne Masten

City of Wilmington

Mayor                                                 Mayor Mike Purzycki

City Council President                         Hanifa Shabazz

City Council District 3                         Zanthia Oliver

City Council At Large:

Loretta Walsh

Rysheema Dixon

Robert Oliver

City Council 2th District

Shane Darby

City Council 4th District

Michelle Harlee

City Council 6th District 

Yolanda McCoy

City Treasurer

Vashun Turner

NCC Justice of the Peace

Ajawavi Ajavon