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The Delaware Building and Construction Trades Council is comprised of 24 construction craft local union affiliates and more than 4,000 members. The members of each local union have undergone an intensive apprenticeship training program, combined with actual worksite experience, to become highly skilled in their respective craft. Skilled union craftspeople are found in many construction and highway projects throughout Delaware.

We invite you to learn more about the value and benefits that come with partnering with the Delaware Building and Construction Trades Council, its 24 local union affiliates, its highly skilled craftspeople and more than 800 contractor businesses by exploring this website or calling us at 302-892-9600.

Thank you.

The members of the Delaware Building and Construction Trades Council are pleased to announce their slate of endorsed candidates for the 2016 General Election.

Endorsed Candidate
US Congress Lisa Blunt Rochester
Governor John Carney
Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long
Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro
State Senate Dist. 1 Harris McDowell
State Senate Dist. 5 Cathy Cloutier
State Senate Dist. 7 Patti Blevins
State Senate Dist. 8 David Sokola
State Senate Dist. 9 Jack Walsh
State Senate Dist. 12 Nicole Poore
State Senate Dist. 13 David McBride
State Senate Dist. 14 Bruce Ennis
State Senate Dist. 20 Mitchell Perry
State Rep. Dist. 2 Stephanie Bolden
State Rep. Dist. 3 Helene Keeley
State Rep. Dist. 4 Gerald Brady
State Rep. Dist. 5 Melanie George Smith
State Rep. Dist. 6  Debra Heffernan
State Rep. Dist. 7 Bryon Short
State Rep. Dist. 9 Monique Johns
State Rep. Dist. 10 Sean Matthews
State Rep. Dist. 11 David Neilson
State Rep. Dist. 13 John Mitchell
State Rep. Dist. 15 Valerie Longhurst
State Rep. Dist. 16 James Johnson
State Rep. Dist. 17 Michael Mulrooney
State Rep. Dist. 18 David Bentz
State Rep. Dist. 19 Kim Williams
State Rep. Dist. 21 Mike Ramone
State Rep. Dist. 22 Lanette Edwards
State Rep. Dist. 24 Ed Osienski
State Rep. Dist. 25 John Kowalko
State Rep. Dist. 26 John Viola
State Rep. Dist. 27 Earl Jaques
State Rep. Dist. 31 Sean Lynn
State Rep. Dist. 32 Andria Bennett
State Rep. Dist. 33 Karen Williams
State Rep. Dist. 34 David Henderson
State Rep. Dist. 34 Gary Wolfe
State Rep. Dist. 37 Paulette Rappa
State Rep. Dist. 39 James Brittingham
State Rep. Dist. 41 Connor Bradley
New Castle County Exec. Matt Meyer
New Castle County Council Pres. Karen Hartley-Nagle
NCCo Council Dist. 9  Tim Sheldon
NCCo Council Dist. 10 Jea Street
NCCo Council Dist. 11 David Tackett
Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki
Wilmington City Council Pres. Hanifa Shabazz
Wilm Cty Council Dist. 1 Nnambdi Chukwuocha
Wilm Cty Council Dist. 2 Ernest Congo
Wilm Cty Council Dist. 3 Zanthia Oliver
Wilm Cty Council Dist. 4 Michelle Harlee
Wilm Cty Council Dist. 5 Vashun Turner
Wilm Cty Council Dist. 6 Yolanda McCoy
Wilm Cty Council Dist. 7 Robert Williams
Wilm Cty Council Dist. 8 Charles Freel
Wilm Cty Council At-Large Rysheema Dixon
Wilm Cty Council At-Large Sam Guy
Wilm Cty Council At-Large Loretta Walsh

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